Adventure Golf at the beautiful lake Bussloo

Minimal: 1 person

Duration: 1,5 uur

Adventure Golf, also known as Minigolf in the Netherlands, can be played at Multi Activity Centre Pitch&Putt Bussloo. Our location is centrally situated between populair places (Deventer, Apeldoorn and Zutphen) at the Veluwe and near the beautiful lake Bussloo. A wonderful location for a game of Adventure Golf.

Challenging course for everyone

Our Adventure Golf course has splendid garden a beautiful view over the lake of Bussloo. We use a special scoring system so that the children have a fair chance to win from the adults. Ofcourse there’s a possibility to hit a hole-in-one, but at most holes you have to deal with a score of 2,3 or 4.

Kinderfeestje Minigolf

A fun day out!

Adventure Golf near Deventer, Apeldoorn and Zutphen is a guaranteed  super fun day out! Because we are located right next to the beautiful lake of Bussloo, there is also the possibility to take a refreshing dive in the lake. Ofcourse there also is enough choice in bites and drinks at one of our beautiful terraces.


Event for your Company

Are you searching for a teambuilding activity for your company? Adventure Golf (Mini Golf USA) is a lowlevel and fun game to do. Also a tour on our E-Choppers or E-Steps is recommended. Its possible to eat and drink something between activitie(s) of afterwards. Our Hamburgermenu with a luxe Hamburger made by Gildeslager Buurman Vleesch en Vis is highly recommended! Don’t be afraid to contact us. We would love to help you make a great program for a day out at Bussloo!

Dit zeggen onze gasten over Pitch & Putt:

Dit zeggen onze gasten over Pitch & Putt: