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Multi-activiteitencentrum Pitch&Putt Bussloo is located in the middle of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen. We have a lot of indoor and outdoor activities for young and/or old, sporty and/or sociable, active and/or hilarious. Activities for everyone!
We have a very nice wooden club building with a beautiful covered and heated terrace overlooking the lake Bussloo. Here you can enjoy a drink and eat a bite after of before you start your activity.


Pitch&Putt is a fantastic activity, as it is not only social but also very accessible. You can play this activity if you are in for the sport, but you can also play this game just for fun. Pitch&Putt is guaranteed fun for everyone!

You play 9 or 18 holes and try to get as low a score as possible on our very challenging course. The best par-3 golf course in The Netherlands!

Pitch&Putt Bussloo was according to the Golfers ‘Choice Awards 2016 of Leadingcourses the best par-3 golf course in the Netherlands. We have 27 different holes with water parts, hills, trees, shrubs and slanted greens. The course runs through the forests of Bussloo. Pitch and Putt Bussloo hosted the Dutch Open three times as many other tournaments very succesfully. Also many golfers from all over the country come to practice their short game with us.

All sorts of Golf

You name it, it feels like we’ve it. Besides Pith&Putt, we offer you Footgolf, Glowgolf (indoor) and Minigolf also know as Adventure Golf.

Escape Rooms

Since 2019, our first three Escape Rooms have been opened: Revenge of the General, the Jungle and The Bomb! They are totally innovative Escape Rooms by high-tech applications and the many special effects!

And thanks to our 24/7 camera security, we can keep a constant eye on your group. The developments are going very fast. The techniques are partly conceived, but the majority came from partners from across Europe.
To play one of our Escape Rooms you have to be with at least 4 people.


Our Laser Game: The Next Generation consists of no less than 400 m² of underground sea containers with a maze in addition. Through the special effects we have taken the next step and we have made lasergaming more spectacular than it has ever been.

Two Exciting Rounds
You play with your group 2 x 15 minute Laser game. After the first round, a break of approx. 30 – 40 minutes. Then you play the second round. The duration of the activity is approximately 1.5 hours in total. Laser game is suitable for groups of at least 8 people.

Do you Dare to fight?
Besides the battle against the opposing team, you also have to fight against the elements. There are lightshows, mirrors, moving walls, sound effects and much more.

Our other activities

Besides Pitch & Putt, Lasergame The Next Generation and Escape Rooms we have many more fun activities including: Mini Golf USA, Foot Golf, Living Table Football, Electric Steps, E-choppers, Glowgolf and Foot Pool.

More information

For more information please contact us by email or give us a call at 0571 – 26 12 12. We like to help you!

Combination discount

Do you prefer to play two activities? Ask us about the combination discount!